Monday, September 20, 2010

Day #16 - We are back.

This summer's adventures included Chicago, West Virginia, Virginia, Boston, NYC, Saturna Island and San Diego. Amongst those places we witnessed everything from suburbia to its finest to - tiny urban apartments - to small beach bungalows. It is amazing the wide variety of dwelling options there are in the United States alone. A commonality amongst all the living options were that most were built with new materials.... I didn't see a salvaged house amongst our travels.

However, we did witness instances of re-use, re-imagined spaces and some interesting architecture on not-so-desirable land. The older cities definitely seem to be the front runners on these subject matters.... come on suburbia - you gotta try it too :)!

Anyway, as we search for a small piece of this earth in which to try to build a craigslist house, we found this shed in the free section. Total living space would be 128sq feet - which is a little less than half of what we live in now.... maybe we could add a second story?
Maria and I have decided to turn up the heat for the search of land. We will likely be searching via the lovely City of Seattle's DPD property tools and then write letters. We will keep you posted!

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