Thursday, September 23, 2010

Day #17 - Strawbale Houses!

We can't quite remember if we touched on construction techniques using straw bales, but what the heck... Maria has already had the experience of "bucking bales" at Great Grandma's farm, so we might as well spend a blog session on looking at a technology is not new (visit Warwick, England for example). It appears that there are only a small handful of straw bale homes in the greater Seattle metro area. We think these lovely homes would make a great addition to one of Seattle's neighborhoods.

If you really think about it, it is mind boggling, with all the technology that we as a society have access to, that we all keep building in a very traditional PNW way (wooden stick frame on a concrete foundation w/ tile/shingle/shake roofing). Whether we look back into time, or create construction techniques that are completely new - it is time to figure out alternative ways of building homes!

If you are truly inspired, here is a link to build your own.
ps. if today's entry doesn't make any sense, my sidekick decided she needed to wake up and play half of the night - sleep deprivation is to blame for my poor grasp of grammar and the English language in general!

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