Friday, September 24, 2010

Day #19 - Awesome architecture.

Maria and I have to go back to graduate school this week (we are very sad that summer is officially over), so we will probably only post once a week. If I can't find a job next summer, we will be back to daily posts - so never fear - the economy still sucks! :)

Anyway, I love this link as it directs you to really cool and really weird architecture - including my most favoritist architect (yes, poor grammar intentional) Antoni Gaudi (quick fact, the term "gaudy" is not related to Gaudi... that is a myth circulated by designers who favor cheap architecture over awesomeness). The two photos (source the weblink) are the only buildings I have actually been to (that I can recall) - both are awesomely odd...although I must say that the "turning torso" is amongst the oddest as the entire town consists of no more than 4 - 6 story buildings and this building really, really sticks out.

If you are bored at work/school today - click on this link and scroll. Very awesome!

As far as our pursuit goes, we are still seeking land (or water) to begin our quest. Maria and I remain forever optimistic and will see if a letter writing campaign will get us anywhere (letters are yet to be sent as the property search takes a while).

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