Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Day #11 - Boom, the President is gone and small homes are "in".

After dragging poor Maria all over the city, we saw the President's car and we think we might have seen him wave. We were sitting under the monorail when we heard the sonic booms....which didn't feel very smart. I doubt the structural integrity of that structure.
.... I was going to chat about yurts (thx. MacKenzie for the suggestion), but considering the size of some of the pieces of property we have been researching, I think small houses might be a good "next topic". I will re-post to craigslist today as well looking for a kind soul to rid of his or her property....
Anyway, from 4' wide homes in Amsterdam to 10' wide in NY, there are some interesting designs that would fit on some of the long and skinny homes I have found via GIS information. I checked our "living space" - including the entrance, kitchen and living room and we are getting by just fine a 12' wide space (which could probably easily be reduced if we picked up length). If you get a chance to check out this web article, it is pretty cool....

Below is a picture of Maria waiting anxiously to catch a glimpse of President Obama and the sighting of his SUV - (and if you zoom in really close to that picture, you might maybe see a hand waving - maybe?)

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