Thursday, August 12, 2010

Day #9 - Live in a Tree House?

  • I picked up my first "free" items last Friday.
  • 2 white plastic outdoor chairs

  • a plastic side table

  • 100 yards of upholstery fabric

Granted, I don't think these items will result in a house, but talk about great free stuff! If you think about the potential worth of that fabric alone, you are talking 1oo's of dollars of salvaged materials (ha, pun intended). I really do think this house building idea is a feasible one. There are windows, insulation, entire mobile homes, sand, paint, furniture, siding (etc etc.) - available in the free section....

I really do need a piece of land quickly... with 3 of us living in a 375 sq ft condo, I don't have much (ok...any) room to store things.

So, in the meantime, Maria and I are daydreaming about living in a tree fort that sort of looks like a bird's nest? Pretty cool stuff.

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