Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Day #6 - AIA Inspiration - Random Thoughts....

Today's post will be brief and not necessarily super focused (as it is nice outside - enough said - right?).

After attending AIA's "New Edge/New Blood" Exhibit last night , I was particularly struck by Grey's Design for both his "sheds" and his gorgeous resin chandeliers . (top picture)
Of course a craigslist home wouldn't be complete without urban agriculture....maybe we could partner with ?
We are also inspired by David Sparti's house built on a backyard lot in the Central District (he the backyard for $35k) and built the whole house for $200k (including land). It is 800 square feet (which would be a mansion in comparison to our current living situation!). (bottom picture)

So, maybe I could find a backyard and use a free shed and some free alternative materials to make really cool lighting features and have a yard full of veggies?

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