Thursday, August 12, 2010

Day #8 - Live in a Steel Container?

Last night I ran into my neighbor who is renting out his condo two doors down from me. We had a quick discussion with regards to real estate prices, the rental market and the current state of economic affairs. Both of us seemed to have ditched our old lives (or our old lives ditched us - aka. layoffs) of a stable income in favor of our "dreams"; mine being landscape architecture (and random quirky projects) and him - golf pro (or golf instructor or something like that). I could sense that we were both living frugally (the state of our cars in obvious states of disrepair was the biggest give away) and my neighbor mentioned living in a free family situation and renting out his condo to cover the mortgage until he was employed full time.

Anyway, we both mentioned how we probably couldn't sell our places for what we bought them for and so forth and so on. I realized as we were chatting that we weren't really complaining about the state of affairs, we were finding adventure and freedom in this random stretch of life and we parted saying "good luck in these unique times" ...with sheepish grins that we were both off to whatever adventure we might pursue.

So the whole point of that story is affirmation that life is worth more than a paycheck, healthy real estate prices, huge living spaces and nice cars (although a paycheck would be nice... I will totally admit that) and to go crazy and live your dreams....

And... if all else fails, you can live in a really cool steel container house (see picture and link to article),

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